US Figure Skating selected the following SCNY skaters and teams to represent the United States at international competitions.

     Go TEAM USA!

09/08/18Audrey ShinJGP LithuaniaJuniorLadies(13,11)(11)Kaunas, Lithuania
09/08/18Oona and Gage BrownJGP LithuaniaJuniorDance(5,12)(9)Kaunas, Lithuania
09/12/18Jimmy MaUS International ClassicSeniorMen(4,3)(3)Salt Lake City, UT
09/12/18Ashley Cain (and Timothy LeDuc)US International ClassicSeniorPairs(1,1)(1)Salt Lake City, UT
09/12/18Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)US International ClassicSeniorDance(2,2)(2)Salt Lake City, UT
09/22/18Ashley Cain (and Timothy LeDuc)Ondrej Nepela TrophySeniorPairs(1,1)(1)Bratislava, Slovakia
09/22/18Alexia Paganini (for Switzerland)Autumn ClassicSeniorLadies(7,8)(8)Oakville, Canada
09/22/18Haven Denney (and Brandon Frazier)Autumn ClassicSeniorPairs(3,3)(3)Oakville, Canada
09/29/18Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)Nebelhorn TrophySeniorDance(3,3)(3)Oberstdorf, Germany
10/13/18Oona and Gage BrownJGP ArmeniaJuniorDance(6,9)(8)Yerevan, Armenia
10/21/18Jimmy MaSkate AmericaSeniorMen(7,12)(12)Everett, WA
10/21/18Ashley Cain (and Timothy LeDuc)Skate AmericaSeniorPairs(4,2)(3)Everett, WA
10/28/18Haven Denney (and Brandon Frazier)Skate CanadaSeniorPairs(8,5)(6)Laval, Canada
11/04/18Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)Grand Prix HelsinkiSeniorDance(4,5)(5)Helsinki, Finland
11/18/18Alexia Paganini (for Switzerland)Rostelecom CupSeniorLadies(3,5)(4)Moscow, Russia
11/18/18Ashley Cain (and Timothy LeDuc)Rostelecom CupSeniorPairs(7,6)(6)Moscow, Russia
11/18/18Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)Rostelecom CupSeniorDance(2,3)(3)Moscow, Russia
11/25/18Alexia Paganini (for Switzerland)Internationaux de FranceSeniorLadies(8,10)(10)Grenoble, France
11/25/18Haven Denney (and Brandon Frazier)Internationaux de FranceSeniorPairswithdrawnGrenoble, France
12/02/18Haven Denney (and Brandon Frazier)Tallinn TrophySeniorPairswithdrawnTallinn, Estonia
12/02/18Christina Carreira (and Anthony Ponomarenko)Tallinn TrophySeniorDance(2,1)(1)Tallinn, Estonia
12/08/18Ashley Cain (and Timothy LeDuc)Golden Spin of ZagrebSeniorPairsZagreb, Croatia
01/20/19The SkylinersMozart CupSeniorSynchroSalzburg, Austria
01/20/19The SkylinersMozart CupJuniorSynchroSalzburg, Austria
02/03/19The SkylinersFrench CupJuniorSynchroRouen, France
02/09/19The SkylinersZagreb Snowflakes TrophySeniorSynchroZagreb, Croatia

Team Rosters

The 2018-19 Skyliners Senior line

Jordan Alexander
Liliana Betschart
Kelsey Bialo
Taylor Blake
Ciana Cerruti
Spencer Emerson
Dana Hall
Kata Junninen
Emily Kirillov
Kristen Lewis
Megan Mcdevitt
Alice Oconnor
Tessa Ostermann
Casey Ouellette
Allison Phillips
Samantha Romenesko
Kylie Saloma
Brynn Thomas
Natasha Vo
Sarah Yang

The 2018-19 Skyliners Junior line

Amie Adjakple
Virginia Barney
Maggie Brooks
Cordelia Chen
Madison Deblasi
Lauren Dwyer
Katherine Elmlinger
Jessica Hu
Michaela Kaminski
Ethne Laude
Olivia Marshall
Alyssa Politoski
Alexandra Popescu
Lucy Potter
Jillian Saloma
Emma Sloan
Jocelyn Song
Mia Sparks
Tracy Wang
Shirley Zhu

This is a work in progress. We have striven to be accurate, but may have overlooked certain SCNY members and their assignments. We apologize for any such oversights and welcome SCNY community input in completing this database.

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